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When I decided to continue writing Plague, I had to look back at my stories to try and find references I could use for those who are still dedicated with my storyline. However, I realized something...


I realized how drastic my writing has changed. I mean, I noticed before I became dormant a year ago, but when I tried looking deeper... ASKNDASIJLDN XD!

Three years of me writing a large amount of works.... it's so short, but I'm glad that my writing is where it's at today. I'll never forget when I started writing in the most confusing way, to abusing my notorious "..." and anime like dialogue, to beginning to flesh out something that builds from my past mistakes.

I love writing, and I love writing stories that would bring joy or entertainment... if that's what my works bring you now, or somehow in the past, then I am very glad that you've all enjoyed it.

To show my appreciation, I am accepting up to five fanfiction requests within the Pokemon fandom (Gen 4 and below), or if you have any requests, we will come to an agreement.

Thank you for those still watching me, and I look forward to improve my writing skills! 

Once again, the Souls series has punctured mah heaaaarrttt! I keep on crying super hard w@...

I swear to God... games like this rarely exists.

What I noticed in the majority of games is that a story is given to someone automatically, most of the time, it is given to us with the illusion that we've "Earned" it in some way by playing the main mission. But for games like the Souls series, you have to truly earn it by looking deeper into its lore. Sometimes, the game is so vague, that we have to make our own stories and assumptions... otherwise, we have to piece it together ourselves.

Almost every game that in the Souls series beseech a powerful lesson. I have played Demons Souls and Dark souls, and this is what I have learned:

Spoiler Alert

Demons Souls: Greed

The first game that started everything. At first glance, you would be given a task, which sets you off with the mindset like every other game: Kingdom Hearts and being the chosen keyblade master, Oblivion and how the Emperor saw you in his dreams of changing fate, Pokemon and how you are chosen to discover many secrets in the steed of whoever gives you the tasks. However... Demons Souls gives you a lesson like no other. You are tasked to eliminate every demon in each world, and at times, you will encounter many different types of people. But what they all had in common was their cowardliness... for if you were to die in human form and lose your souls, you would become insane. But you, the 'chosen' one, continue to fight for you are the slayer of demons. As you grow powerful, so does your thirst for power. To grow more powerful (In this case, leveling up), you must harvest and collect. Without even realizing it, you begin to collect the souls of many, and eventually, you would even be tempted to kill other players to regain your bodily form and gain a healthy amount of souls. Or perhaps you wish to spread death and spread pain to other worlds. Eventually, you will encounter a boss that may question your entire purpose.

In the end... the Crestfallen Warrior says this best, "Stay the path... soon, you will become a monster yourself."

Dark Souls: Fate

Worthy to be called the predecessor of Demons Souls, Dark Souls is a game where the story truly shines. But it is up to you, the players, to understand. Unlike the first game... you are nothing. Like every typical game where you are under the assumption of becoming the 'chosen' one, you start from the ground up. But you are told one critical thing, to turn hollow, one must lose purpose. You travel the lands that Dark Souls has to offer, and it is rather easy to miss the story behind every level, every boss, and character. Eventually... you will find a serpent that even encourages you as being the chosen one! Surely, the one who beseech the quest is always right! You set off on your quest, and you do it with a smile on your face. You may have lost friends (NPCs) that you care for, but you live happily ever after because you saved the world. Some games would simply extend their storyline for the sake of making it a franchise, while others would make such flowery conclusions for the sake of the fans. 

But if you were to play Dark Souls again, like the first game, you have the choice of replaying the game with the character you finished with...

You now have the experience of playing the intense game of Dark Souls, and it will, of course, be harder. If your heart is ready, and your mind is curious... you will notice things that you have missed. Perhaps you will find out that one of the bosses you have slayed was actually trying to protect and cure someone it truly loved. Or when you braved the forest, you will encounter a beast that attacks you savagely, but you will eventually find out that it was trying to protect you. If you were to look deeper... you may very well be responsible for killing someone who is trying to undo their mistake. Maybe you will realize that even with good intentions, you bring greater harm to another, which eventually kills them. Eventually, once you begin piecing every crucial hidden piece together, you will find that your purpose, your so called 'destiny' may very well be a lie. In the shape of a serpent, you are told what truly happens if you were to listen to the snake that told you that you are the chosen one.

But you may come to the conclusion that may hit you harder than any death that you have encountered in Dark Souls.

You were simply a pawn of cruel twisted fate. 

With the mentality of being a hero in mind... tell me, slayer of Demons. You who have slayed a guardian and defiled a grave. Murderer of families, robbing the robes of the dead. Pawns of two fates. One who is responsible for the deaths of friends. And the one who may turn the world dark or simply halting the inevitable dark... do you feel like a hero now?

These two games made me cry, out of frustration, and when I found out the truth behind what the developers hid. Unlike most games... the Souls series is something unique. It is not a game that will hold your hand, or something that hides behind pretty lights and characters writers will make so that you could fall in love with them. It is not a game that will hand you what you need, or something that gives you a clear purpose. It is a game that tests your patience and ability to think profoundly.

In these two games... you are not the chosen one, or someone who is heroic. Granted that in the first game, you may choose to be a hero... but at what cost?
Whoooooaaaa.... hooolly crap, D.A changed the last time I got back heeere! XDD

Hey everyone, I'm just here to say that I'm back for a bit! I've been rather busy with College and stuff... and exams are coming up... so I just wanted to post things that I've been meaning to post! THEY'RE ALL SO OVERDUUUE I'M SOOORRRRRYYY!

Anyways, hope everyone's having a great time!

Taa taa~ <3
Contains the following Shipping: PreciousMetal [Gold x Silver (Yaoi)]

Pound! Crack, crack, slahk!

These were the sounds being heard in the basement gym of a small house in New Bark Town. The small town grew to a rather healthy shape. New faces were seen, along with new families. Even the families that lived in New Bark for generations were rather comfortable with the construction. Pokemon wildlife and its surroundings remained the same as ever... it was rather peaceful.

But as quiet the town may be, it became rather lively again ever since the return of the esteemed Pokedex Holder, Gold. He made quite a name for himself as well. In a positive light, the young man wrote many books on his adventures as a Pokedex Holder, and was responsible for discovering the secrets hidden deep within the Pokemon Psyche. However, the media also portrayed him as a rather notorious skirt chaser with many rumors of scandal and one night stands; it even went as far as him having a hidden child or two.

It seemed rather odd for the majority of the New Bark citizens, as much as they appreciate Gold, for him to suddenly return back to his native home... especially when he brought back another highly respected Pokedex Holder, Silver. For the red head, he is known for being one of the toughest Gym Leaders in the Kanto Region, and certainly took over the gym in his stride ever since Green decided to run for presidency in the Pokemon Association. In the end, the New Bark Citizens simply shrugged and did their own thing, and happily accepted Gold and his friend back to his old home. Gold even went as far as paying for the construction of Silver and his own home to make up for his abrupt arrival.

However, there was something that the citizens did not know, for behind the closed doors... Silver and Gold were more than just colleagues and brothers-in-arms. The two men became romantically entangled ever since the age of eighteen, and were content with each other for the last five years. Although it was a rough start, to say the least, and it was even harder considering that Gold had to travel the world while Silver stuck to one place. Yet when the two men saw past their polar differences, the pieces fell into place and they fell for each other. The rumors of Gold being a skirt chaser were, as a matter a fact, simply leaked by Gold to cover his tracks with his 'scandalous' affair with the Viridian Gym Leader, and all of it was on Silver's request. The two men enjoyed their private time together, but for Gold, he admitted to Silver that he didn't mind if the world knew of their relationship. Silver, on the other hand, did.

They enjoyed their time with sneaking around, but by the fifth year of their relationship, it was Gold who asked about settling down. It took some time for the two men to decide where to live, but the raven haired man managed to win his red headed lover over by focusing on their privacy, a quality that Silver liked most. Eventually, the press about Gold's infidelity began to die down, and he started to start his own little daycare center for the locals, for both Pokemon and children alike. For Silver, it was convenient for him since his Gym was rarely challenged, and even if he were to receive a challenge, the challenger would have the schedule for an appointment and Silver would show up.

Life for Gold and Silver was rather fruitful... and yet, Silver couldn't help but become rather agitated. Which is why he is in the basement of their home and punching the punching bag much harder than he usually would. His anger and frustration, feelings he thought that would have flowed away by now ever since he started going out with Gold, would occasionally return every once in a while. The red head started to feel unbalanced ever since the two men settled down together, but it was not as if he was not satisfied, not in the least. But the red head felt as if he was holding Gold back from his dreams of starting a family. They often discussed the idea of a future together, but nearly every time, the raven haired boy would jokingly say along the lines of, "But what should tell our kid what we are? That we're just bros?" And the discussion would end in awkward silence...

A left hook, right jab, upper cut, and a roundhouse kick with his left leg. After a couple of minutes, he could feel his hands and legs starting to sting, something he would rather feel at the moment than constant guilt. It throbbed in his chest as if someone was punching him from the inside, trying to get out. Eventually, the red head started to connect haymakers after haymakers, causing even the house to feel the massive force of each punch through extremely small vibrations.

As Silver continued to train his body, Gold made his way down the stairs with a pre-chilled glass filled with three ice cubes and water in one hand, with a white long towel with the other. The raven haired boy only watched with amused and flirtatious smile on his face... he walked towards one of the seats by the wall and sets it down on the provided table. Gold always loved to watch when he saw his lover train, mostly because of how hot the red head looked. Silver would always wear a black tank top and short pants that be cut off to just above the knees. After the last three haymakers, the amber eyed man took it as his cue to pick up the towel and cold glass, and brought it towards the red head...

When that happened, Silver finally picked up the sounds of someone approaching him, and as always, before he could react, he would feel the towel being wrapped around his neck and he would see Gold going in front of him with his glass, handing it to his right hand. It was their little tradition... either of the two males would always head down to the gym and let out their bad days by just hitting something. At this moment, it was Silver who was having a rather harsh day.

"I hope you know that I could feel your punches from the kitchen, right?" Gold snickered when the red haired man took the glass and started to sip, "Look, we just moved in here a couple of months ago, I don't think our insurance covers, 'Pissed off red-head causes massive destruction' or 'Pokemon piss and property damage.'"

Although Gold' little comical jabs would lighten up the mood whenever either of them are down in the dumps... these were one of the days were it just wouldn't cut it. After the first couple of sips, he handed the glass to Gold and the two men made their way to the table. He wiped himself with the tower in the mean time, "I just... feel like crap, that's all."

"We all get those days every once in a while, but lately? You've been feeling that way for the past couple of weeks, you know."

Silver glared at Gold as they sat beside each other.

"Hey, just saying."

The red head sighed, they know each other too well. Whenever one or the other were having a bad day, they subconsciously made methods on how to handle each other. For Gold, Silver would simply listen to him rant on about whatever was going on. While Silver would be left alone by Gold, and after a specific time limit, he would approach the red head and ask what was wrong... it was rather odd to see the raven haired boy to wait. And at the moment? This was the longest time Silver had ever seethed his anger without Gold intervening.

Silver shook his head and sighed, running his right hand across his long hair while looking at Gold with a stressful look, "It's just, you know that I'm happy with you, right?" Gold nodded his head. "I've just... never thought I'd see the day where we're both settling down, and with each other, no less... and I'm very happy, really happy...."


"I just feel like I'm holding you back." Silver's words came out shakily, he couldn't even bare to look at his lover straight in the eyes.

At first, Gold was confused, "Wha? You're not keeping me away from anything you know. I sorta got tired- well, not really, I just didn't feel like traveling the world anymore. Sure, there are loads of sights to see... but it's just not the same without you, you know?" By then end of it, Gold wrapped his right arm around Silver's shoulder, nudging him towards himself, "So what're you... oh." The realization hits him like a stone brick wall, and even Silver could feel his body began to tense up. But Gold did not pull back.

An eerie silence grew between the two men, until Silver had the strength to lift up his head and returned Gold's gaze, "Is this what you really want...? F-For us to be together, I mean, right now and under the same roof."

"Well, I wouldn't have suggested it in the first place now would I?" Gold shot back rather cheekily, trying to brighten the mood by giving him a small grin.

The red head nodded while sighing deeply, "Yeah, but the majority of your decisions? They're all based on impulses... so what if this is one of your decisions, Gold? That being together with me, and doing all of this is just going to end... badly?"

When the raven haired man heard Silver's doubt beginning to waver, he bit his lips before turning his body towards Silver and placing his left hand onto the red head's shoulder. "But there's more to it, isn't there?" Gold caught on quick, and took a shot on guessing on what was also really bothering him, "You don't have to come out if you don't want to, Silver. I'm not going to force you."

"But aren't you sick of all of this hiding?!" Silver hissed back, trying to control himself, "I know how you want us to go out on all of these dates and all that, and... I want t-to go too, it's just... I'm trying to find the courage. I'm trying not to be scared- but what if my father doesn't approve, or people would start to hate on you just because we're gay." Soon, his frustration got the better of him and he began to clench his teeth while looking to the side and staring down at the floor, "I'm trying... I'm trying so hard to just, to just..."

"Then don't try." Was all Gold simply said, before he pulled back and went down on the floor in front of Silver's knees, so that Silver could look at him, so that the red head would know that he's not mad at all. "I'll be honest. I hate all of this hiding. I hate the fact that we can't go out like a real couple or just try and be who we are behind closed doors. But there is nothing worse than forcing yourself to come out when you're not ready. You were fine when you came out to all of our friends... right?" When he saw Silver nodding, Gold's smile grew even brighter, "Well, I kind of wasn't. Blue practically threatened my manhood if I were to hurt you in any way..." the little joke earned Gold a little small chuckle, before he continued. "You don't have to come out if you're not ready. No one's forcing you," Finally, Gold straightened his body and spread Silver's legs open so that he could stand on his knees and raised his right hand, "and the only one who knows when to come out," he then poked Silver's chest, "is you..."

Silver sighed out as he looked down at his cheeky lover, he couldn't help but feel the weight on his shoulders and the guilt that festered in his chest beginning to flow away. The red head always felt comforted by his lover when the worse times came along, and this situation was no different. With a relieved smile on his face, Silver's body began to relax, before he moved forward and leaned his forehead on top of Gold's. They shared their little intimate moment, their eyes closed while hearing each others breath...

"You know, I could never get used to you being so patient..." Silver whispered with a chuckle, "what changed?" When he decided to open up his eyes, he immediately saw beautiful pair of golden eyes staring deep within the windows of his soul.

Slowly but surely, Gold leaned forward, enough to press Silver's body softly against the wall, while having his arms on both sides of the red head's head. They gave each other a teasing smile, before Gold replied, "You really wanna know?" Silver nodded while he began to look up to see Gold starting to stand up, "It's because the moment I set my eyes on you, I knew I was in love. For so long, I thought my love went unrequited. But I was so determined... so determined to just gather the courage and tell you how I felt, that I finally became the happiest man in the world when I took a huge risk on losing you. And although the odds were against me, I'm glad it got us to where we are today."

A massive blush grew on Silver's cheeks while he couldn't help but leave his mouth open with the response... cheekily, Gold too the chance to lean down and softly pressed his lips against Silver's. Such a moment for the two of them was like an explosion, and by the time Gold pulled back reluctantly, they looked into their gold and silver eyes...

They could have said, "I love you," or say something else romantic, but moments or words such as those were completely unneeded, at least, for the two men. Because deep down, they already knew.
Pokemon, Bad Days

I do hope you all enjoy~! <3

This is a part of the series: Pokemon, Mellow

PreciousMetal and Mangaquest are down, a couple more to go! 
Chapter 11: Den of Snakes

While Diamond and Pearl made their way towards the stairway, straightening their clothes, the two teenagers could hear a commotion coming from the front entrance. The blond haired teen looked at his lover with curiosity. Once they reached the stairs, they saw the doors of the front entrance completely open, with all of the Pokedex Holders standing outside; the taller of the group standing at the back, while the smaller were presumably outside. Once Diamond and Pearl approached the group, that was when Platina looked over her shoulder and saw the two teens. She beckoned at them quickly, and for someone like Little Miss to beckon at them so hastily, it was best to follow her orders. They made it through their friends with ease... and that was when they saw the surprising sight before them.

The large green empty pastures that belonged to Wefan's estate was filled with Flying Pokemon released from their Pokeballs, along with so many people alike tending to their trusty friends. There were so many flying Pokemon, while Max and Bosco could be seen nearby the gates with a plentiful amount of soldiers standing outside and on guard. Pearl and Diamond were absolutely astonished, they couldn't help but stare.

"Where did they come from...?" Was all Pearl could ask. When they opened the door, the only people that arrived was simply Max, Bosco, and Winona. Within that half hour, they found that the large lands practically being occupied by the Pokemon Council's remaining army!

Yellow, Emerald, Platina, and Gold could only shrug with just the same amount of confusion and surprise.

Diamond, Green, Silver, and Blue, on the other hand were looking at the situation in a more different light. Although many of the Pokedex Holders were phased at the sight, those four seemed to felt more inclined to be suspicious. Each of them had a different thinking process; all of them viewed the situation differently, yet with the same amount of suspicion and tension. However, neither Diamond, Green, Silver, nor Blue, had the heart to speak what their true opinions were, as well as not even knowing that they shared the same suspicions. It was not until Diamond decided to look at his fellow Pokedex Holders, did he realize, that there were some people that had a sneaking suspicion.

Slowly, the glutton took a deep breath and thought to himself, 'It's either now or never...' The boy with emotion needed to wait for the perfect opportunity to get Green, Silver, and Blue alone.

Soon, the Pokedex holders regained their senses and walked down the steps and went onto the now occupied green fields of the Lotus estates and began to walk around in separate groups. The Pokedex holders decided that it was best to rendezvous at the front entrance when their curiosities were satisfied.. From there, they could see that every person was in a specific uniform with a rather static set of obvious personalities. There were plenty of soldiers in brown uniforms, yet they seemed more social and relaxed. They could be seen talking among themselves, and having a rather good time, considering the situation... even the soldiers outside of the gates were having quite a lot of fun playing sports. Most likely trying to get their minds out of the war. While the soldiers in black seemed more disciplined and cold. They were seen taking care of their Pokemon, and when an officer would walk past, they would stand by their flying Pokemon and salute like a proper squad in perfect unison. The soldiers in black gave off a rather uneasy feeling, mostly due to the fact that they are not exactly the most talkative either.

Once finished, the Pokedex holders seemed rather happy, and before long, Winona could be seen making their way towards the Pokedex holders with two soldiers side by side, wearing the eerie black uniform. The Hoenn flying type Gym Leader greeted them with a smile, "I was looking for all of you, one moment you guys were at the entrance, the next moment, everyone disappeared. But it doesn't matter, I'm glad I found you guys."

Emerald couldn't contain himself any longer, "When did these people get here? And h-how did they get here without all of us even knowing?"

"It is a simple matter, really. When Max, Bosco, and I arrived at your location, we needed to make sure that this wasn't some trap. So the three of us volunteered to go in and check if this is where you are all at. I'm rather glad to find out that we're at the right place..." Winona's look seemed rather relieved when she answered Emerald's question, "After the meeting, that's when I called in the remaining forces of the Pokemon Council here. There are more of us, of course, but this is all that is left of the Pokemon Army in Johto, there are more of us in different regions, waiting for the signal to attack."

"So what's with the two different uniforms?" Silver asked keenly. It was the first thing that the red head noticed as he first saw the army suddenly appearing before them...

Green, Diamond, and Blue were the ones that seemed rather interested in hearing Winona's response.

Winona chuckled softly while looking over her shoulder, looking as to what Silver was referring to, "Oh, that?" She looked forward and gave the Pokedex holders an assuring smile, "The uniforms are basically a symbol of what division we belong to. The soldiers in brown is the backbone of the Pokemon Council Defense Force, in this case, soldiers. They consist of trainers that has volunteered to be a part of the army. However, their skills vary, and as such... the tide of battles by using this division solely depends on numbers." Winona then looked at the two black uniformed soldiers, who suddenly stamped their feet and stood in attention, "And the soldiers in black is the best of the best. Highly talented, highly trained, and highly valuable. They are used in the most dire of situations, and in a case like this...? We need all of our elite soldiers to push these Lotus' out of our lands."

The Champion, who was setting on one of the steps, looked at the Hoenn gym leader, "I take it that you're leading the charge from the skies?"

"I'd have it no other way," Winona chuckles softly, "if I were to die, I would rather have my soul free and do what I love... to sore in the open skies and spread my wings." She looked at all of the Pokedex holders, answering a variety of questions that were nothing of importance...

Diamond spotted his chance, and stood up when neither the soldiers or Winona noticed. Luckily for the glutton, he was sitting close to Silver, Green, and Blue... he made his way up the steps and tapped their shoulders subtly, and when the three Pokedex Holders saw that it was Diamond who tapped them, they were about to ask out loud on what he wanted. It wasn't until they saw that Diamond simply made his way up the steps, and when he got to the top, he looked over his shoulder and eyed the door that leads into the Lotus estate. Green, Blue, and Silver took the hint, and decided to sneak off individually...

No one noticed that any of those four Pokedex holders were missing, and Winona even gathered up the Pokedex holders and showed them the proper tour of what it is like to be in a camp of a Pokemon Council's Army. However, the four Pokedex Holders did not know this, as they were absent at the announcement.

When Blue, Green, and Silver saw that they were the only ones in the front entrance, that's when Silver quickly closed the door as softly as possible. The three Pokedex Holders looked at each other with a confused look...

Green was the first who spoke, "I guess you two were called here too, right?"

"You bet'cha, and I'm not exactly sure why either..." Blue responded,

Followed by Silver chipping in as well, "But what did Diamond want?"

Suddenly, Diamond could be seen coming into the front entrance with a sandwich in his hands. The three Pokedex holders simply stared at the glutton with disbelief, and when he realized how silly it may have looked, the teen blessed with Emotions couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry, all of this thinking worked up a l-little bit of an appetite."

"Well?" The red head grunted while crossing his arms, "Why did you call us here?"

Slowly but surely, the glutton made his way towards the three Pokedex holders, "It's because we're all thinking the same thing." Diamond could see the three of them shifting their eyes towards each other, "That there's something wrong with this plan."

At first, there was silence... until Blue was the first to sigh to break such a spell, "To be honest...? Yeah. All of this seems a little bit too good to be true."

"I had a feeling that something about this is off," Green was the next to admit, "but with you pointing something out like earlier? You helped me confirmed my suspicions."

"There was something about Max that didn't sit right..." Silver responded at last...

And when the three Pokedex holders admitted their suspicions, all eyes laid on Diamond, who had his mouth open and ready to bite down on his sandwich, but paused simply because he had a feeling that they were waiting on his opinion. The glutton frowned, before he sighed and closed his eyes in deep thought, "The moment we were challenged, it felt like some sort of chess game. But we're not the important pieces... but simply pawns in some twisted little game." He opened his eyes, crossing his arms while carefully holding his sandwich, "Do you three remember when the soldiers revealed their true colors? That they were really aligned with the Lotus family?"

"No one expected that members of the Pokemon Council would ever conspire with the Lotus Family, especially not Gym Leaders!" Blue answered,

Silver on the other hand started to piece together a hypothesis, "... but maybe that's the point Diamond raised. No one expected members of the Pokemon Council, or their soldiers, to be aligned with the soldiers... if it were possible, then that would mean..."

"We're possibly with a huge amount of soldiers that is with the Lotus Family..." Green clicked all of the pieces together. When the three Pokedex Holders realized what they have pieced together, a moment of revelation enlightened their mind.

The closest one to the doors was Silver, and when he opened them as fast as possible...? They found the steps they left the Pokedex Holders completely empty. "You've got to be kidding me."

Green gritted his teeth before hissing under his breath, "We have to find the others, Now."
Pokemon, Plague Chapter 11


THIS PICTURE HAS BEEN MADE BY :iconcobalt-starlight: (Commissioned)

Well... it has been a long time, hasn't it? =w=


Figure it out ;3
Haha, there's nothing special about me. I'm just a random person who just stops by on DeviantArt once in a while. I enjoy great reads and only favorite things that actually catches my eye, so I'm not bias.

I enjoy yaoi =w=~...

I come off either as strange or hyper :D, if you don't mind either of them, I'll be very happy to talk to you any time! :D
When I decided to continue writing Plague, I had to look back at my stories to try and find references I could use for those who are still dedicated with my storyline. However, I realized something...


I realized how drastic my writing has changed. I mean, I noticed before I became dormant a year ago, but when I tried looking deeper... ASKNDASIJLDN XD!

Three years of me writing a large amount of works.... it's so short, but I'm glad that my writing is where it's at today. I'll never forget when I started writing in the most confusing way, to abusing my notorious "..." and anime like dialogue, to beginning to flesh out something that builds from my past mistakes.

I love writing, and I love writing stories that would bring joy or entertainment... if that's what my works bring you now, or somehow in the past, then I am very glad that you've all enjoyed it.

To show my appreciation, I am accepting up to five fanfiction requests within the Pokemon fandom (Gen 4 and below), or if you have any requests, we will come to an agreement.

Thank you for those still watching me, and I look forward to improve my writing skills! 

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