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deviation in storage by kangda-nim


Alright, so far, I'm finally done with the storyboard and I have an idea on what to write for each little short story. I feel REALLY excited about writing this... and for the second (Or third) time ever, I'm going to be asking only a couple of people to look over my work and edit. I hope you all enjoy what is to come in the near future, cheers, and take care everyone.
It's been WAAAAY too long since I not only posted anything, but visit this site ;w;...

Anyways, I'll make this really quick. I am currently working on an important project that will always be close to my heart. This project will be something that I will not give up on, because it is almost as if I am now emotionally staked on this and I refuse to turn back. I am currently writing my last major oneshot fanfiction to the Pokemon fandom, and dammit, I'll make this one count. It will be based off of on the popular, "What If: Pokemon Was In Medieval Times."

What's different is that I will now be focusing on three shippings:

Gold x Silver

Diamond x Pearl

Wefan (OC) x Bugsy

I will keep everyone updated (At least, those who still watches me) on the progress of the fanfiction.

Current Status: Rough Draft/Storyboard Planning.

Thank you everyone from the Pokemon community, who has stuck with me through thick and thin. I look forward to putting my all into this, while at the same time, dreading every single word, because it will be hard for me to walk out on a fandom that has gotten me started into the world of literature.

Thank you all,


Leoar Dulnuan.
The room I'm in is simple, nothing out of the ordinary nor anything to call of concern. But the only peculiar object in my room is a large mirror. It covered a small section of my wall, and to be honest, I didn't care. I simply liked it because I could see myself, and use it to check all of my angles.

I looked into the mirror, and I saw myself. I looked into my own eyes, before I took one long look at my own body. I frowned, because I didn't like what I see... so I went to my desk and pulled out clay with paint. After, I went back to my mirror and begin to mold it. It felt so nice to see my face changing before my eyes, I looked better, and the soft clay felt so nice on my skin. But I wasn't just satisfied with the plain grey color that the clay provided, so, I began to paint my new mask. I felt so free, it felt right to try and paint my new face to whatever I desire. In the end, I liked what I saw. My first mask came out better than I expected, and oh how I can't wait to show it to the world! It looked so cheerful and bubbly, but the ears I had? It had to be covered, because they were too big.  Everyone saw my mask, and thought it was my face. I was getting away with it! Oh the joy I had, fooling everyone! It felt so nice to just pretend something I'm not, so, I kept it on. No one really saw my real face, and I thought that I'd be content with it. Oh mirror, thank you for being so useful!

But after quite some time, my first mask was starting to crack... parts of my face could be shown, and the only true part of my body I had was my eyes. I did not want to see my skin- not even my own eyes! Desperately, I slapped more clay on top of my old mask, and redid everything.  Out came a new mask, more calm and thought provoking. My eyes would soften at the new colors it sees, for no one would ever remember the happy mask I had. When I showed the world my new mask, there was a sense of distance yet respect. I was rather content, happy, even. I was able to see things at a different light with my mask- it was such a gratifying experience... and although the mask underneath the new one is crumbling, the clay still felt as soft and warm as usual. But this time, I didn't want to see my lips, it looked way too big. Oh mirror, thank you for letting me see how I look!

It took the second mask much longer to start to crumble, and panicking, I was absolutely at a lose. I couldn't find any more clay, the paint I once had turned dry... I didn't want to see my eyes! Out of madness, I covered the eye holes of my mask with clay, and all I could see was darkness... but I never realized how hard it was to breathe through my masks, until now. I realized couldn't breathe- my body was sweating, I could only see darkness. I had no idea what I was doing anymore! I couldn't hear anyone, the screams for help were deafened and served as echos within my hollow prison. "Oh mirror, mirror on the wall! Please help me, I can't see!" I would shout out.

Without even a second thought, I threw my body to the floor and started to smash my clay masks against the floor or walls (I don't know where I was), but it didn't seem as if it was working and ended up hurting my own head. I tried scratching it off, but my nails ended up being torn off, and I could feel blood dripping down my fingertips. I even tried finding sharp objects, and kept banging my head against the tip of the sharp object- I believe it was a knife... but even such a lethal weapon only caused the uncomfortable sounds of blade running across a hard object, and perhaps the blade even broke. I didn't want to die with my face being covered in darkness.

I cried and cried, there was no one that could hear my pleas. I knew I was down on my knees, and I tried finding a wall... only to find my bloodied hands on top of a cold hard surface, and I knew what it was.

It was the mirror on the wall.

With one last try, I slammed my head forward, and I heard so many things shattering. The mirror on the wall shattered, and I could hear the sounds of large pieces of glass shattering into smaller pieces. Everything was hurting so much... but I began to feel the cold air touching my skin. I raised up my hands and felt my own soft face. I realized that the clay was not soft, but my face. I opened up my eyes, and I saw the mirror on the wall shattered, and when I looked down, I could see the blood coming from my hands and face. There was one large shard that I looked at though... and I saw my face, my true face. It was bloody, it was covered in tears, it was covered in scars, it was hard to see because of the clay covering my skin, it was hard to look at myself...

But it is me.
Taking in the salty smell the sea gave to Kai always invigoratted him in a way where it reminded him of freedom. It reminded him the times where he would occasionally set sail for open waters where he would be free to do whatever he wants. How he missed those days where he would travel around different parts of the world, communiting and indulging a variety of new and old faces, and perhaps breaking a few hearts here and there.

Kai thought to himself occasionally, why is he staying in Mineral Town? Sure, it's his major supply of fresh foods for his shack, the wine is excellent, a beautiful natural environment, and the people acts like one big huge family. It gave him a sense of comfort that no other places he visted could ever provide. But his soul longed for adventure, the future throwing up roadblocks and tests that would force him to try and overcome. But here in Mineral Town, nothing, if ever, changes. There was never real conflict, save for his little bickering with Rick and how certain men in this town views him as some sort of playboy, but by the end of it all, they welcomed Kai with open arms.

The thought within itself was something he never encountered. How people would help each other, no matter the weather. In the real world, people were out for themselves, or has some sort of ulterior motive that would result to social gratification... Hell, even Kai had his fair share of false sense superiority and the need for attention. But in Mineral Town, there was no falsehood, no ill bearings, and certainly has no tolerance for people that would simply disrupt the peace for no apparent reason. Although they were wary of strangers, if they showed some sort of effort to communicate with them, they're like family to them.

For Kai's case, he felt that he was the wacky cousin of the community that would come every year. He would bring the joyus weather of summer and have everyone bask in his warm yet blunt, cocky attitude. Although there were a couple of people that are wary of him, they would resolve their differences in a matter of days and they would move on. But for reasons unknown... Kai could never get used to it. Here he was, in a town full of people who's roots were planted in the small little community, and that they were content with what they have.

The purple bandanna wearing man knew that he was missing something in his life, that screamed out to him at his very core. For Kai, he felt that traveling was something as a means of exploring the unknown, to brave and experience what life has to offer. When he stays at a place for too long, those urges would come back and thus began to process of moving from place to place. But out of all the places he visited, he always came back to Mineral Town every summer. Kai was just content with coming and going, moving place to place. But there was a point in time where he realized that he was stuck in the same pattern.

Kai would travel place to place, but in the end, he would come back to Mineral Town. The realization that he was stuck in a cycle he loathed frightened him.  Just when he was about to announce the official closing of the Snack Shack, a whole new roadblock was sent his way. It was no surprise that after the original owner of Mineral Town's beloved farmer died, the condition of the lush and plentiful producing plants ceased and declined. But the story did not end there, as the farmer who originally owned the property has an heir, and that person was certainly on their way.

When Kai met the new farmer, he found the farmer fully capable, friendly, and certainly became the town's little sweetheart in just under a month. But when he and the farmer talked, there was a certain connection that Kai could not deny. Even at a certain point, the farmer admitted of owning the farm because of the past, and felt incomplete or missing something important. For the first time ever, he was scared of the new owner of the farm, not because of how Kai disliked that person, not in the slightest. But it was because of how the new stranger would evoke something deep inside- a sense of longing. The very sensation that practically haunted Kai up until this point... as a result, he couldn't wait to get out of the small little world, but also dreaded to leave it.

But to make matters worse at the time... the farmer would always see Kai off, and gave him a look that no one else gave the nomad whenever he sets off, even when the small town grew fond of him and when he left for the first time. It was not a look of where the farmer would have a clear look of, 'I'm sad you're leaving, but see you next year!' No. It was a look of, 'I don't want you to leave, please stay.' What's worse, is that when the farmer first saw Kai off, he was completely caught off guard and it tempted him to stay just a little bit longer with his new friend. But it didn't end there. The farmer kept on seeing Kai off with the exact same face, the attitude of sorrow when Kai leaves every single year, and the feelings of wanting to stay grew more tempting for the next four years. But whenever he comes back, the towns people would always comment on how the farmer's mood would improve drastically every day that comes closer to Kai's return.

It never really dawned upon Kai on how he changed as well, ever since the new farmer came. Whenever Kai leaves, he would write often to the farmer back at Mineral Town, and would even tell his friend where he would be next so that he could get the mail. For Kai, it was a first time for not only keeping in contact with the people of Mineral town, but actually making an effort to keep the  communication going. Over the years, it became a ritual, and although Kai hated being stuck in a cycle, it was one of the very few where he welcomed it. And once the nomad knew that the sense of longing was slowly becoming satisfied with the companionship of the new esteemed farmer, Kai decided to finally plant his roots.

Fast fowarding to the present... Kai would often look at the sea with a longing look. The adventures, places, and people he met over the years. Although his new life in Mineral Town permitted him to travel often, his Snack Shack is now open for all seasons, save for winter. There were many things he missed. Kai felt that he sacrificed something that was a part of his life, his identity, when he decided to live in Mineral Town permenantly.

But when Kai looked down on his hand and stared at the ring wrapped around his ring finger, a smile crept up, not even realizing that the farmer was walking towards Kai.

"Well, what's that long face for, Kai?" The farmer spoke in a sing song voice, "Thinking about something?"

Immediately, Kai turned to the person that broke the cycle that he had long been running from, and brought him into an adventure that he would never run or back off from. "Yeah, just the usual..." When the farmer elbowed Kai, prompting him for him to expand, the now setteled down nomad chuckled, "I was just thinking of everything that happened, you know? The journey was hard and long... and I knew that it ended as soon as I got hitched to you."

"So..." The Farmer smiled, looking up at him with a gentle look, "was it worth it?"

Finally, Kai turned to the person that changed his life for the better... he wrapped his arms around the hard working farmer's waist, looking down, and rested his forehead on top of the other. "Hm. Constantly catching myself watching you more than anyone else, feeling jealous whenever anyone gets closer to you, always hoping you'd come by the Snack Shack, thinking of no one else but you while I left, and missing every single day while I was gone by the end of Summer? It was a challenge I needed to overcome... and I would go back in time just so I could have the chance to meet you again, Pete."

Pete looked at Kai, dead straight in his eyes, while raising up his calloused hands to rest on his lover's shoulders, before the two pulled back and went back in for a chaste kiss. The intimate act always felt profound, something that Kai nor Peter could ever get enough of. Whether they are engaged in passionate love making, or at night, each kiss felt more It was like they were in their own little world, their island paradise that Pete and Kai would explore together. It was a journey, set in stone for both the former nomad and the esteemed farmer.

It was neither destiny nor fate that the two would meet, it was simply two people who simply clicked, and them growing together until the final days of their lives.
Harvest Moon, Roadblock
Warning: Contains homosexual implications, if this offends you, feel free to move on.


Hey all! This is just a little drabble I was working on while I was studying for my Entrance Exams... fuck my life =w=... hope you all enjoy <3!
Hey you guys! Against my wishes, I have been tagged!

I have another journal inbound, so stay tuned!

Got my ass tagged by :iconserina67:

..::The Rules::..
  1. Choose one of your own characters (OC).
  2. Make them answer the following questions.
  3. Then tag three five people.
  4. Feel free to add some questions of your own.

..::Interview Time!::..

Interviewing: Liko Hasija (Fursona For The furry community)

What gender are you?
I am twenty-five, next question, I have an Empire to expand.

What is your age?

Do you want a hug?
I will personally slit your throat if you come any closer to me without my permission.

Do you have any bad habits?
I use slaves and use them for my personal enjoyment.

What is your favorite food?
I enjoy my occasional grains and salads. 

What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Are you a virgin?

Have you killed anyone?
I have ordered and personally commanded the massacres of villages, Kingdoms, Empires,and all those who oppose me. If I am feeling paws on, I tend to enjoy personally handling interrogation and torture. So yes, I have killed many.

Do you hate anyone?
Those who dare to stand against me or my people will be labeled as an enemy to my Empire.

Do you have any secrets?
I do, and if you know any of them? I'll just have to kill you nice and slowly.

What is your favorite season?
All my life, I have only known winter.

Who is/are your best friend(s)?
I do not have any, or need any friends. Either you are useful and be used by more, or I will simply throw you off to my soldiers let them have fun with you.

What are your hobbies?
Mutilating, torturing, and running the states of affairs that is going on in my Empire.

What is your favorite drink?
Peppermint tea.

When is your birthday?
December 8th.

Are you nice or mean?
I am told by my people that I am kind. I am told by my enemies that I am the embodiment of all that is wrong with this world.

Are you social or shy?
I am a King, there is no room for beating around the bush or hiding in the shadows.

What do you think of your parents?
I killed them. They were useless.

What's your weakness?
There is no room for weakness when you are running an Empire. Either you are strong, or you are weak. I prefer to be the wolf than the lamb. Next question.

What do you do on a regular day basis?
Handling government affairs.

Do you love someone? How about romantically?
No, there is no room for love.

When was the last time you wet yourself?
... are you asking me to tie you up and skin you alive? I can do that you know.

What's your favorite band?

Ever worn a dress?
I wear robes, people call them a dress, I call the people idiots.


What do you consider fun during the day?
Hearing people begging for their lives.

At night?
Finding out that my Kingdom is currently stable and that there has been no other attacks on my territories.

Ever kissed anyone?

...Of the same gender?
I prefer men.

What's your favorite thing to touch?
Obviously, due to Liko's nature, I have to tone down his dark side by A LOT 

Does anyone love you?
My people are loyal to me, and they love me as well.

What's your favorite color(s)?
Purple and dark blue. Oh, and the color of blood.

When was the last time you cried?
... that is private, next question.

Do you have a pet?
I call my guards my hounds, I call those that are useless my rats, I call fatasses my pigs.

Are you crazy?
I have been told by my enemies, before their life slips away from their body, that I am an insane cruel mother fucker.

What are you?
I am a Reindeer.

What are your nicknames?
"Lord Liko, Your Grace, Your Majesty, and King of The Southern Isles."

Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?
I will be happy when all enemies are destroyed.

If you were a superhero, you'd be...?
Uniting my Kingdom under one banner, Mine.

Favorite movie?
Old Historical Romances.

What is your current occupation?
The Rightful Ruler of Alasami.

Who do you know that bugs you?
My enemies, and those that are useless.

Have you 'done it' in the past month?
Due to his dark nature, I will have to omit this answer.

Ever think about getting married?
When the time calls for an Heir, I will.

Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?
... if you mean by having slave women being called to my room, then yes.

When was the first time you 'did it'?

Do you have any piercings anywhere?

Final question. Who do you tag?
Any who wishes to waste their time, I know I have by indulging you and your stupid questions. Now, begone from my palace, or I will personally drag you to my dungeon and ensure you will NEVER see the light of day.


Figure it out ;3
Haha, there's nothing special about me. I'm just a random person who just stops by on DeviantArt once in a while. I enjoy great reads and only favorite things that actually catches my eye, so I'm not bias.

I enjoy yaoi =w=~...

I come off either as strange or hyper :D, if you don't mind either of them, I'll be very happy to talk to you any time! :D
Alright, so far, I'm finally done with the storyboard and I have an idea on what to write for each little short story. I feel REALLY excited about writing this... and for the second (Or third) time ever, I'm going to be asking only a couple of people to look over my work and edit. I hope you all enjoy what is to come in the near future, cheers, and take care everyone.

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