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September 22, 2012
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Chapter 8: Hostage

Approximately two hours passed by since they have heard of the attack of the Lotus family, all of the Pokedex Holders were anxious and their souls were shaken. The Majority of the Pokedex Holders were petrified and sat on their seats; the fact that they saw their challengers taking down the most fortified base in the world was bad enough, but eliminating the majority of their forces in just a matter of seconds was what brought almost everyone to their breaking point.

The more energetic teenagers were pacing back and fourth, only the sounds of their feet echoing the main hall was heard,

It was then when Green, one of the more rational of the entire group finally broke the silence, "Alright... I propose that we turn the monitor back on, we need to know what happened," no one protested to his suggestion. The brunette male walked over to the main computer and began to turn on the program that would view the News Channel.

As the monitor came to life, it immediately switched to the News Channel, the Anchor and Co-Anchor's skin complexion was completely pale due to fear.

"T-Tonight on P-P.M News, History has b-been made!" The Anchorman was clearly afraid and could not even believe the story he was about to present to live audiences.

The Co-Anchorwoman intervened with an equally shaken composure "The Lotus Family has s-successfully besieged the Pokemon Council Stronghold...!"

The News Channel then presented the world with harrowing the footage: scenes of Wefan's Pokemon decimating the entire Pokemon Council Soldiers. Even their power could be felt through the very footage... enough for anyone to shake out of impulse.

During the footage, the Anchorman continued to speak "Oddly enough, no one died during this assault. However, the Soldiers who did fight against them were horrifically wounded... majority of the time, their limbs ripped off."

"We now go live, giving you a birds eye view of the battle field sectors" The Co-Anchor's voice was far too shaky, not helping anyone with the horrific footage...

On the bottom left side of the Monitor screen, a 'Live' text transitioned and the screen immediately switched to the sight of the field.

It was horrific.

"A-As you could s-see here- t-the blood o-of all Soldiers a-and Pokemon c-could b-be s-s-seen even c-close to the atmosphere...!" D.J Merry was unfortunately reporting in the air, the cameraman lowered the camera for all the world to see the bloody fields that led to the Pokemon Council Stronghold.

All of the Pokedex Holders turned completely pale.

D.J Marry immediately said "W-We have r-reporter David Cansin in the courtyard of the Stronghold-!"

It was now showing a male reporter ready to drop his mic and run out, however his composure was slightly more better than the previous ones. The screen was now showing the courtyard filled with wounded Soldiers... the sounds of men, women, and Pokemon in pain gave out a more depressing atmosphere.

"W-We interviewed w-with those who are still able to talk..." David said in a quick and scared voice "F-From what we could gather, h-he only attacked those th-that wanted to fight... the more smarter-" the reporter immediately realized his mistake "I-I mean... m-more rational soldiers were t-told to bow and kneel before the arriving Lotus'"

The story continued

"T-The Pokemon Stronghold w-wasn't completely t-taken by surprise, an insider told them of their arrival... at the same time, they were walking fairly slowly" The Reporter's face was now turning pale, completely nerved by the situation at hand "But... even as the Pokemon Stronghold were ready for them- the Stronghold was taken from them in Six Minutes and Forty Five Seconds. It was also reported that once a Lotus entered the courtyard... the Soldiers were aligned with him all along-"

The picture at the top right of the screen was now shown, the Gym Leader Falkner of Violet Town.

"He was the last line of defense... and it turned out that he was one of the Lotus' second in command." David's voice cracked, Tate and Liza's picture came up next to Falkner's picture "These two were also a part of the Lotus family. They imprisoned all of the ministers and the building defenders... and thus the Stronghold was taken."

Nearby town and village people were walking past the reporter and camera crew... it was then when a loud piercing scream was heard,

David and the Cameraman immediately looked to the source of the sound... it was then when all of the world saw almost all of the Gym Leaders, Elite Fours, and the Honen Battle Frontier were walking meekly into the middle of the courtyard with chains around their hands and feet.

Falkner then let out a loud scream "Kneel!"

They all did as they said...

The Camera was now focusing all who were kneeling in the courtyard...

Ruby scanned those that were kneeling... and his entire body was stricken with fear,

Not only was Norman kneeling amongst the others... but his sister, Rere was kneeling beside their father-

Everyone went silent... fearing that if they were to speak, it would only make things worse.

Silver was also scanning the ones that were kneeling, he let out a silent and relieved sigh... his father was not among them. Pearl too, was worried, and also received the same comfort as Silver, his father was also not among them...  

Thus, Ruby was so far the only one that was held captive,

Ruby began to hyperventilate "T-This d-doesn't even make any sense! W-Why is Rere with them!? Shouldn't she be fighting with us?! she's a Pokedex Holder too-"

"It is unfortunate that the Pokemon Council President's Homeland Security chief, Rere, has to be standing amongst them..." David chimed in, "She handed in her Pokedex to Professor Oak a month before, at first we all thought it was a rumor... but it seems like it's true. Now, she's most likely there to be the example of what happens to those that defy the Lotus Council..."

Diamond's face darkened...

Pearl caught Diamond's reaction and nudged on the Glutton's shoulder with his elbow, he whispered "Hey... whats wrong?"

"Take a good luck at Rere..."

Pearl stared at Rere, "Yeah...? So what?"

"She would be fighting for her life if she were in chains, but look at her face..." Diamond pointed out "Why Does She Look More Pissed? She's A Fighter... Not One Who Would Sulk At Defeat."

The blond pondered for a moment "Yeah... n-now that you pointed it ou-"

The crowd gasped, the two young boys returned their attention to the screen and saw Wefan standing in front of the ones that were chained,

"Behold, these are the people that you have put your faith in when your lives are at stake..." Wefan moved his arm and waved his hand to make sure everyone is looking at the people chained to the ground,

The Cameraman was now focusing on Wefan's face,

"Yet all of them has fallen to me, one single being" He continued "Now... leave this premises, it shall re-open tomorrow evening... I encourage everyone in the world to come to this very courtyard, I will be glad to face you all again and may answer your questions"

With that, the crowd disperse. The reporter did his typical goodbye and Green immediately turned the T.V program off and stayed by the computer...

"W-We cant just sit here and do nothing" Blue sighed out as everyone took their seats.

Emerald looked at Blue as he rubbed his temples "We have to, we need to train... w-we just have to let them fend for themselves."

The Noble let out a frustrated groan "Damn... those Lotus bastards, they know we cant do anything about it-!"

"Wait-" Everyone's attention was now on Red, "Not all of the Gym Leaders and the Sinnoh Frontiers were there, Green, who was M.I.A during this assault?"

The sounds of fast typing were heard, and Green answered "Wiona, Giovanni, Gardenia, Bugsy, Rorak, Chuck, Brock, Max Cheng the Champion of Honen, and all of Sinnoh's Frontier Brains."

"That's fairly enough people, we could call them in and gather as much people as possible" Red suggested, yet he wasn't as charismatic, thus everyone didn't exactly think it would be a good plan...

Just as one of the Pokedex Holders was about to suggest that the plan would fail,

Red's PokeGear was ringing, and as the Battler picked up the phone, "Red, Champion of Kanto speaking"

"Hello? Red?" The voice was all too familiar,

"Yes? who is this"

"Oh thank God you're okay! Jeez, I always knew you were kinda dense, it's me, Max! Max Cheng?" Max's voice sounded slightly shaky yet relieved

Red smiled faintly "Well speak of the devil, I was just talking about you-"

"Look- now's not the time... we all heard what happened earlier today and we're planning to regroup" Max cut in instantly "Is it alright if we gather to where you are?"

Red's original smile returned, everyone could feel that he was hopeful again "Yes- you're more than welcome to! When will you be arriving?"

"Tomorrow morning... all of the Gym Leaders will be there"

"Good, we'll see you soon," And with that, Red closed the PokeGear and smiled like a madman, "Seems like the cavalry is going to strike back!"

Everyone Cheered,

Except for Diamond...

However: I do claim ownership over the Lotus Family and it's history.

Picture Made By :iconcobalt-starlight: (Commissioned)

Chapter 7: [link]
Chapter 9: Coming soon...
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Okay I admit. This story is good. No more than good. This is great. It gave me chills down my spine. I am not one to be easily scared. But this... this is something that made me whimper and put the scent of fear in me. The plot of the story is great and you can feel the intensity of everything.

The words that allow you to visualize the event can make one person who was fearless , have their minds be torn. When I was reading the whole story , it pulled me in and I was reading for hours on end to find out what will happen next. When Wefan was doing all that to the Pokemon. My emotions took over and I was cowering in fear. You can visualize the events. This idea is one of a kind and can make you read it many times on end. The person who wrote this made the story have good style and creativity in making this. And it can make you go into a state of shock on how much it can impact on you.

If this isn't the image of a perfect suspense story and fear. Well than i don't know what is! Good job sir/ ma'am and have a nice day.
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It is an honor to receive your review, I count it as a blessing,

I hope you enjoyed it
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Yeah I did
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Esteemed means renowned and great
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i can kinda see what'l happen next... the dex holders will do the counterattack along with BUGSY, who will snap Wefan out of evil mode.
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