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Maybe In Another Life by LetEveryoneOverARip Maybe In Another Life :iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 7 1
Mirror Mirror On The Wall
The room I'm in is simple, nothing out of the ordinary nor anything to call of concern. But the only peculiar object in my room is a large mirror. It covered a small section of my wall, and to be honest, I didn't care. I simply liked it because I could see myself, and use it to check all of my angles.
I looked into the mirror, and I saw myself. I looked into my own eyes, before I took one long look at my own body. I frowned, because I didn't like what I see... so I went to my desk and pulled out clay with paint. After, I went back to my mirror and begin to mold it. It felt so nice to see my face changing before my eyes, I looked better, and the soft clay felt so nice on my skin. But I wasn't just satisfied with the plain grey color that the clay provided, so, I began to paint my new mask. I felt so free, it felt right to try and paint my new face to whatever I desire. In the end, I liked what I saw. My first mask came out better than I expected, and oh how I can't wait to show it to th
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 1 1
Harvest Moon, Roadblock
Taking in the salty smell the sea gave to Kai always invigoratted him in a way where it reminded him of freedom. It reminded him the times where he would occasionally set sail for open waters where he would be free to do whatever he wants. How he missed those days where he would travel around different parts of the world, communiting and indulging a variety of new and old faces, and perhaps breaking a few hearts here and there.
Kai thought to himself occasionally, why is he staying in Mineral Town? Sure, it's his major supply of fresh foods for his shack, the wine is excellent, a beautiful natural environment, and the people acts like one big huge family. It gave him a sense of comfort that no other places he visted could ever provide. But his soul longed for adventure, the future throwing up roadblocks and tests that would force him to try and overcome. But here in Mineral Town, nothing, if ever, changes. There was never real conflict, save for his little bickering with Rick and how c
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 0 0
Pokemon, Bad Days
Contains the following Shipping: PreciousMetal [Gold x Silver (Yaoi)]
Pound! Crack, crack, slahk!
These were the sounds being heard in the basement gym of a small house in New Bark Town. The small town grew to a rather healthy shape. New faces were seen, along with new families. Even the families that lived in New Bark for generations were rather comfortable with the construction. Pokemon wildlife and its surroundings remained the same as ever... it was rather peaceful.
But as quiet the town may be, it became rather lively again ever since the return of the esteemed Pokedex Holder, Gold. He made quite a name for himself as well. In a positive light, the young man wrote many books on his adventures as a Pokedex Holder, and was responsible for discovering the secrets hidden deep within the Pokemon Psyche. However, the media also portrayed him as a rather notorious skirt chaser with many rumors of scandal and one night stands; it even went as far as him having a hidden child or two
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 4 5
Pokemon, Plague Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Den of Snakes
While Diamond and Pearl made their way towards the stairway, straightening their clothes, the two teenagers could hear a commotion coming from the front entrance. The blond haired teen looked at his lover with curiosity. Once they reached the stairs, they saw the doors of the front entrance completely open, with all of the Pokedex Holders standing outside; the taller of the group standing at the back, while the smaller were presumably outside. Once Diamond and Pearl approached the group, that was when Platina looked over her shoulder and saw the two teens. She beckoned at them quickly, and for someone like Little Miss to beckon at them so hastily, it was best to follow her orders. They made it through their friends with ease... and that was when they saw the surprising sight before them.
The large green empty pastures that belonged to Wefan's estate was filled with Flying Pokemon released from their Pokeballs, along with so many people alike tending to their t
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 2 7
Pokemon, Steps Preview
"I think I'm in love with you," was the only thing that came from Wefan's mouth as Bugsy and the young Lotus were sitting across from each other on the dining table. Thinking that the Azalea gym leader did not hear him, he repeated, "I don't know whether or not this is crazy, but I do think I'm in love with you..."
To say that it surprised Bugsy was not a surprise to anyone who would hear such a thing, but what really shocked him was that there was a moment of happiness... and that feeling scared him.
Bugsy remained calm and set down his spoon and fork, he looked dead straight into Wefan's eyes and tried to push the idea away, "Well, it's natural for two friends to love each other... so I love you too-"
"I don't love you as a friend..." now, the young Lotus' voice was shaky. It was all too clear that the thought of falling for Bugsy was something he has always wanted, something that he may have desired ever since the two met each other at a very young age, "I don't think I u-understand
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 3 2
What If: Wefan Met His Author
In a simple, medium sized, white walled room, there were two chairs in the middle and two doors were at the back of the chairs. There was a table in the middle that was decorated with sweets and tea sets fit for two.
Suddenly, the door at the west side opened, a fairly petite feminine looking boy with a slightly long jet black hair which was complimented beautifully with his soft dark hazel eyes. He wore a purple robe with a golden lace of a Lotus Flower. The way he walked towards the chair defined power, poise, elegance, nobility, and with weights of regrets. If you were look into the boy's eyes, it differs greatly from his external appearance, which looks as if he were a fair, innocent maiden. His eyes, however, tell otherwise. His eyes were filled with experience, seeing the hellish of things and knowing that the world is not painted black and white.
The purple robed boy sat on the chair, waiting patiently for the other guest.
As if the purple robed boy's prayers were answered, anot
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 4 5
PreciousMetal Gold Meets Silver's Father End
As Giovanni, Silver, and Gold entered the luxurious home, Gold stuck close behind Silver as if he were a riot shield. Clearly annoyed by how ridiculous Gold was acting, the red-head gently jabbed with his elbow to the breeder's shoulder signaling 'Just stay calm.'
"Father, I'll be going up stairs and prepare something for a moment," Silver informed the ex Team Rocket leader, as he saw Gold finished taking off his shoes. The facial reaction the Exchanger spotted from Gold's face was priceless to him, he then smiled, "It may take long..."
His father nodded his head, "Alright, I'll give him a tour of the house." Giovanni then looked at his guest and gave him a little beckon as he began to walk forward down the hallway.
Immediately, not wanting to continue the terrible start that Gold began. He followed closely behind Giovanni without question and began to look around.
"First time here?" The older man asked without looking back
To Gold's surprise, he felt at peace at that moment. He couldn
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 25 15
Pretend No More
My final stand, my final mask.
To break away from habits, habits that lead me astray.
Pretend no more, Pretend no more.
It'll be one hell of a ride, for all I knew was just pretend.
New experiences, new habits.
New emotions, new procedures.
Maybe I'll crack, maybe I'll mend.
It will be hard to tell, since I've only looked through a crack.
Pretend no more, Pretend no more.
Satisfying others desires, indulging one's emotions.
For the sake of friendship, for the sake of relationships.
It became a bore, it became a chore.
It became such tiresome thing to get something in return, it made me exhausted waiting for the same results.
In the end I should have known better, in the end I should have realized.
I should stop playing pretend, and pretend no more.
Acting like a fool, acting like a tool.
Acting nice, acting kind.
Acting friendly, acting gentle.
Feigning skill, feigning potential.
Pretend no more, Pretend no more.
It's time for me to realize, it's time for me to remember.
That the scale
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 4 3
Little White Rabbit

Touch, smell, see.
Scurry, hide, run.
Hide, run, see.
Smell, hide, burrow.
Dig, dig, dig.
Poke out of your hole, smell for predators.
Look around and see if there is any danger, if there is burrow under ground.
Forge for food, run on sight.
Keep on running and don't turn back.
I'm a white rabbit, a prey in a cruel thing called the animal chain.
Run, scurry, hide.
Burrow, hide, pray.
My eyes are accustomed to darkness and light.
It doesn't matter if I'm in darkness, it shrouds me even if my fur is as white as snow.
My eyes will keep my safe, my smell will tell if danger is near, and my legs makes me fast.
Run, hide, pray.
Burrow, scurry, forge.
Fear is my drive, I know nothing else.
I flee at first sight, unless it is of my kind.
Run, run, pray.
Scurry, burrow, hide.
I'll pretend nothing ever changes, I'll keep running and never look back.
Even if the big bad wolves catch me, I'll never look back.
Even if I was caught by the neck, I'll try to shake and shake...
Until I am consumed.
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 4 4
PreciousMetal, Gold meeting Silver's Father Part 1
A loud gulp was heard from Gold, who was waiting in front of the elaborate mansion that belonged to none other than to Giovanni, and Silver, who he happens to be going out with.
It came out as a shock to nearly all of the Pokedex Holders when they heard that Silver, the most serious Pokedex Holder out of them all was going out with the pretty flamboyant, playboy like, and highly irritating Gold.
The two teenagers had a very rough start, since Gold's personality was pushing their relationship to go full speed ahead, while Silver's conservative nature was hindering Gold's stride. They were like gasoline and fire, the two challenged each other at every point and turn in the first few months, eventually, they were at an even playing field with each other and found themselves in love with each other.
It was complete bliss for a year...
Until Silver suggested to Gold that he wants to tell his father that they are going out. And the moment Gold heard that, his entire body went from a beautifu
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 21 4
Pokemon, Connections
Timeline: Pokemon, Plague Chapter 9
In the middle of the night, in Wefan's Lotus estate, there was a certain Pokedex Holder who still remained in the dining room in complete darkness, with only a flickering candle.
The gluttonous Diamond was tapping his finger on top of the table with great annoyance, it was almost as if he was trying to put together a piece of a difficult puzzle. There was a mystery that was bugging him, a question and answer that could not be heard or understood, and it was bugging Diamond to no end.
The more questions Diamond solved, the more question present itself. It was as if it was a never ending loop, and that is one thing Diamond cannot stand.
He continued stare at the flickering candle light intensely, the brightness helps him go off into a trance and concentrate...
"So, you can't sleep either?" A voice was heard nearby. Frightened, Diamond picked the candle stick up and pointed it towards the source of the voice, it was Blue, "Whoa now, quite jumpy, aren't
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 1 5
Fuck It All
Round and round I go.
I see the same things every day.
The same people, the same buildings, the same cars, the same streets.
So why am I spinning like a madman?
It's only a fool's wish to see something new.
If I stop, things will spin,
But in the end things will always be the same.
But that's just a bitchy way of saying how I'm conservative.
Who am I to think and speak out against the laws of nature?
I see no way of fighting back, so I stopped trying.
But I know that action is too boring, even for me.
So I try to change things up,
But I end up doing the same things over and over again.
I hate how history repeats itself.
But I know it's my fault,
Because I'm doing nothing about it.
Why did I let myself have two faces with multiple tongues?
Why did I let my two faces take control of my own being?
Should I just take off the mask I hate and chop the tongues that slithers in my mouth?
Hell, that would be too painful and too much work.
No one else notices or just don't care.
Maybe it's my eg
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 5 19
Pokemon, Bringing Coffee
In the miniscule New Bark Town, Crystal, who is Professor Oak's apprentice, former Pokedex Holder, and would be acting as a representative while Professor Elm is on leave, was going running the laboratory like a military camp. She ran the lab with great efficiency and a firm voice, making her life easier when it came across duties of her own, such as researching Pokemon and organizing files. This caused her to gain a large amount of admiration and respect in the Pokemon Science Association.
Crystal barely had any time for herself after she gained the position as becoming an apprentice of the great Professor Oak, as grand as that title may be, so was the work load. Amazingly however, the Capturer managed to set almost everything in order with style and grace... almost everything.
Although Crystal may have done loads of paperwork for the Professor, her timing in getting into a relationship was godawful.
After the incident in Unova and finding Giovanni, Gold, the renowned Breeder and skir
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 12 30
A Spider's Web
A spider's web, so finely crafted.
So beautiful yet frail.
Knit so perfectly by an insect many consider a pest.
Its craftsman ship takes so long to make, yet it is so easy to tear down.
So thin, it is like a piece of hair.
So sticky, it does not sway off like leaves in the wind.
A spider is an example of a great artist that many took after.
Its technique's nearly unmatched, its devotion on making it is paramount.
Used for survival, used for food.
Used for life, used for death.
A spider's web could not be seen easily, it requires a keen eye.
When shined against a sun, it is revealed shiny...
When left in the dark, no one can see...
A spider uses its art for deception.
A spider uses its web, for consumption.
In order to survive, a spider's web must be planted in a place where it knows it could survive.
Many would say, that a spider is a deceptive and cruel creature.
For its venom would paralyze the victim and let them see the last moments of their lives slowly being covered in darkness.
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 1 2
Pokemon, The Five Families Preview
In the four regions: Kanto, Johto, Honen, and Sinnoh, each of these regions were once a peaceful and growing community. But like all eras of peace and harmony, it was a phase designed to end. The peace and innocence of the four regions eventually descended into the life of crime and greed due to the sudden uprising of criminals forming into groups and carrying out operations in a manner that seemed well planned.
Originally, the crimes that were being carried out by multiple groups were slightly non-threatening, things like: Thieving, tax evasion, counterfeiting, and armed robberies. However, as time passed, many of these groups of criminals grew greedy and had the desire to earn more cash. As a result, their crimes became much bolder and dangerous.
The groups of criminals began to establish their individual territories in developing towns or populated cities to ensure that the locals know that they are here to stay. Once the groups established their presence in the selected area, that
:iconleteveryoneoverarip:LetEveryoneOverARip 1 2


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I enjoy yaoi =w=~...

I come off either as strange or hyper :D, if you don't mind either of them, I'll be very happy to talk to you any time! :D
Alright, so far, I'm finally done with the storyboard and I have an idea on what to write for each little short story. I feel REALLY excited about writing this... and for the second (Or third) time ever, I'm going to be asking only a couple of people to look over my work and edit. I hope you all enjoy what is to come in the near future, cheers, and take care everyone.


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